Waterfalls In The Norway Fjords
The Norway fjords are waterfall country.  Most notably, Norway's Northern Fjords and Western Fjords are world renown for their waterfalls.  The Norway fjords hold several of the Top 20 Tallest waterfalls in the world . . . plus several waterfalls considered among the most scenic waterfalls in the world.  In amongst the famous waterfalls, many fantastic hidden gems and countless other unnamed falls cascade over huge fjord walls.
Indrafjord (Arnafjord)
Mardalsfossen (Eresfjord)
Kjelfossen (Naeroyfjord)
Vinnufossen (Sunndalsfjord)
Langfossen (Akrafjord)
Geirangerfjord (Seven Sisters)
Tjotafossen (Briksdal Glacier)
Kjenndal Glacier Falls (Lodalen - Loen)
Feigumfossen (Lustrafjord)
Latefossen (Storfjord - Hardanger)
Stigfossen (Trollstigen)
Indrafjord (Arnafjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsMardalsfossen (Behind Eresfjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsKjelfossen (Naeroyfjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsVinnufossen (Behind Sunndalsfjord & Sunndalsora) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsLodalen (Kjenndalsbreen Glacier) (Behind Fareidfjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsTjotafossen (Briksdal Glacier) (Behind Fareifjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsLangfossen (Akrafjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsGeirangerfjord (Seven Sisters) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsFeigumfossen (Lustrafjord) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsMofjord - Norway Fjord WaterfallsMaurangefjord - Norway Fjord WaterfallsLatefossen (Storfjord - Hardanger) (Behind Odda) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsTresfjord - Norway Fjord WaterfallsStigfossen (Trollstigen Road) (Behind Isfjord & Andalsnes) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsAmotan Waterfall (Behind Sunndalsfjord & Sunndalsora) - Norway Fjord WaterfallsIndrafjord (Arnafjord) - Norway Fjord Waterfalls
Indrefjord (Arnafjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Mardalsfossen (Eresfjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Kjelfossen (Naeroyfjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Vinnufossen (Sunndalsfjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Lodalen (Kjenndalsbreen) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Tjotafossen (Briksdal) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Langfossen (Akrafjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Seven Sisters Falls (Geirangerfjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Feigumfossen (Lustrafjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Mofjord - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Maurangefjord - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Latefossen (Storfjord - Hardanger) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Tresfjord - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Stigfossen (Trollstigen - Isfjord) - Waterfalls in The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Amotan (Sunndalsfjord)
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Mardalsfossen is likely the most famous waterfall in Norway.  Behind Eiksdalvatnet, Mardalsfossen sits in a stunning mountain valley.  The views are great even at the parking lot, and simply stunning as you makes the 45 minute hike towards the bottom falls.  The World Waterfall Database rates Mardalsfossen as the 7th Best waterfall in the world, with the highest 'scenic' rating possible  The falls make for a fantastic end to a trip over the Aursjovegen mountain road
Naeroyfjord is famous on a number of fronts.  Unfortunately most people zip right past the phenomenal Kjelfossen on the way into Gudvangen.  Kjellfossen ranks as the 18th tallest waterfall in the word, at 2,477 feet / 755 meters (World Waterfall Database).  The multiple parallel threads of falls make for an amazing sight.

Vinnufossen is off the charts tall.  Ranked as the 5th or 6th tallest waterfall in the world at 2,822 feet / 860 meters (World Waterfall Database), Vinnufossen's vertcal scale is virtually impossible to capture with a still photograph.  The falls themselves are very accessible, on the main road just behind Sunndalsora.  A must see waterfall.

The Lodalen valley leading into Kjenndal Glacier (Kjenndalsbreen) is another of the best spots in Norway.  Huge vertical massifs run straight into aqua-marine lakes.  The falls at Kjendal Glacier are immense in scale and very beautiful.
Most tourists head straight up to Briksdal Glacier without paying much attention to the waterfall across the valley.  Tjotafossen is sourced from its own glacier across the valley from Briksdal.  It measures 1837 feet / 560 meters, basically in one primary drop (the 69th tallest waterfall in the world, World Waterfall Database).  So stop for a minute on the way back from Briksdal to admire Tjotafossen.

While not strictly vertical like many other Norway fjords, the grandeur and magnitude of Langfossen is very impressive.  Langfossen rates as the 6th Best waterfall in the world, as well as the 50th Tallest at 2,008 feet / 612 meters (World Waterfall Database).  Located more south in Hordaland, Langfossen is reason for a side spur trip through Akrafjord.
Geirangerfjord is famous on several fronts as part of a World Heritage area.  Numerous waterfalls blanket both sides of the narrow fjord, all the way up Geriangerfjord.  Seven Sister falls is the most famous of these falls and a makes for nice view on the ferry into Geiranger.
Feigumfossen is a simply beautful spot in magnificent Lustrafjord.  Take note on these excellent falls on the way to the famous thousand-year-old stave church at Urnes on Lustrafjord.
Mofjord is one of the densest waterfall fjords in the country.  Falls are everywhere, on the fjord itslef and inthe valley at the head of the fjords.  Though not the tallest falls, Mofjord contains stunning scenery . . . with the bonus an idyllic town at the head of the fjord providing for a comfortable view of several wonder falls.
Maurangefjord fjord is an enitrly off-the-beaten-path fjord.  A leisurely drive down the fjord brings one right under this small but visually magnificent falls.
Latefossen is a unique dual waterfall, immediately above the road behind Odda.  The volume and power, being so close, make for an inspiring (though crowded) spot.  The entire valley behind Odda is full of magnificent waterfalls, each of which warrants a stop.
Tresfjord does not hold a particularly famous waterfall per se.  That being said, the huge walls of Tresfjord have an abudnace of steep parallel waterfalls that make for a worthy stop.
Stigfossen is impressive in its own right.  Throw in the sheer engineerig brilliance of the hairpin-laden Trollstigen road, and it makes for a one-of-a-kind waterfall  experience.
Indrafjord in inner Arnafjord is one of the most stunning spots in Norway.  While not the tallest or highest volume waterfalls, the sheer abundance and immediate proximity of so many vertcal falls makes for a unique spot.  Along the hike behind Indrefjord, one can get right under the powerful downstream confluence of several of the vertcal falls above.  Indrefjord is a true hidden gem worth the side trip into Arnafjord from Vik.
Amotan park on the road into Sunndalsora is unique in its greenery.  Three main waterfsalls (Amotan shown) fill the valley, with well-marked hiking trials allowing for easy exploration.  The high-perched fjord-side farms make for a unique Norwegian feel to these waterfalls.
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