Norway Fjord Vistas
Norway is renown for never-ending fjord vistas.  The outstanding road-builing provides for excellent vistas around just about every turn.  And hikes (easy or strenuous) take the energetic explorers to even better viewpoints. 
Storfjord (Hardanger)
Selfjord (Senja)
Silfjord (Senja)
The Hovden Lookout on the Nosi hike above Lofthus and Ullensvang offers a spectacular viewpoint.   Unique to this region Norway, the lined fruit orchards below make for a special experine.  The steep, long and narrow fjord add to the gandeur of this vista
Pulpit Rock above Lysefjord is possibly the most famous lookout in Norway.  Despite the crowds, and the strenuous (and only marginally interesting) 2-hour hike each way . . .  Pulpit Rock is worth the trip.  For a more peaceful Lysebotn experience, the Kjerag hike out of Lysebotn offer stellar vistas as well, with only a fraction of the crowds.
The Sengjaberget hike just behind Skjolden has one of the best vistas in The Western Fjords.  The easy hike conveniently starts right in town.  For a vista over all of Lustrafjord, Skjolden, and Eidsvatnet, a scramble up the rockface above the marked lookout allows for better and better view as you ascend (note unmarked).
Silfjord (Senja) has an abudance of world-class fjord vistas (others seen throughout site).  The fjord itself has multiple arms, with roads and tunnels traversing the high ground between them, providing for great vistas at every turn.  This vista is from the main road down into the head of Silfjord.
Selfjord is a magnificent and peaceful Senja fjord.  The best vista comes from the road down in Flakstadvag, on the way in from Silfjord.
Steinfjord (Lofoten) is big and beautiful.  The best vista of the fjord can be seen just past Tangvang, on the road leading to the tunnel to Unnstad.
Geirangerfjord is the most famous fjord in Norway.  World-renown, it is worthy of the hype (though over-crowding results).  Fantastic vistas of the head of Geirangerfjord are right on the road leading South out of Geiranger.  Alternately, excellent vistas of the mouth of Geirangerfjord (and Sunnylvsfjord) are right on Hwy 60 leading north out of Hellesylt
Sunnylvsfjord has an easily accesible and fantatic vistas right on the main highway North from Hellesylt (see above for Geirangerfjord).  Simply amazing views out to the fjord-side farms and the many ships traversing the fjord
Tafjord's deep aqua-marine hue comes clearly into view from up high.  A hike up the well marked trail to the top of  the falls (a few kilometers outside Tafjord) provide a great vista of this fjord
Naeroyfjord is an on-the-beaten-path as it gets, with busloads of day-tourists every single day in summer.  The way to escape that rush and get the best vistas are on the Rimstigen hike, a few kilometers North of Gudvangen.  The grandeur of the narrow fjord best comes into view from up high.
At the start of The Panorama Road, the view into the fjord head of Fareidfjord is an excellent vista.  The multiple steep valleys beckon to the stunning glaciers and waterfalls around Stryn, Loen, and Olden
The Panorama Road is spectacular (and accessible) enough to warrant multiple listings.  Innvikfjord sits between the fjord head at Fareidfjord, and the well-known vista looking odwn toward the mouth of Nordfjord
Nordfjord / Utfjord
The view down to Nordfjord (and Utfjord) is the money-shot of The Panorama Road.
Aurlandfjord (Aurland) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Storfjord (Hardanger) (Hovden lookout) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Lysefjord (Pulpit Rock) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Lustrafjord (Skjolden) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Silfjord (Senja) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Selfjord (Senja) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Steinfjord (Lofoten) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Geirangerfjord - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Sunnylvsfjord - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Tafjord - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Naeroyfjord (Rimstigen Hike) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Fareidfjord (Panorama Road) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Nordfjord / Utfjord (Panorama Road) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Innvikfjord (Panorama Road) - The Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Aurlandfjord (Aurlandvegen Road Lookout)Storfjord (Hovden lookout) (Hardanger Group)Lysefjord (Pulpit Rock Lookout)Lustrafjord (Skjolden - Stenaberget Lookout)Silfjord (Senja)Selfjord (Senja) (Lookout from road into Flakstadvag)Steinfjord (Lofoten) (Lookout from road to Unnstad)GeirangerfjordSunnylvsfjord (Geiranger Area)TafjordNaeroyfjord (Lookout from Rimstigen Hike)Fareidfjord (View from The Panoramam Road)Innvikfjord (View from The Panorama Road)Nordfjord / Utfjord (View from The Panorama Road)StorfjordNor
On the Aurlandvegen mountain road, above Aurland with a view to Flam in the distance . . .. the modern lookout provides a stellar vista.  A quick drive further up the Aurlandvegen to the Presti hike has more vista looking down toward the mouth of Aurlandfjord.  This is why you come to Norway.
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