Vertical Fjords of Norway
The Norway fjords come in all shapes and sizes.  Drama is not lacking with these big-boys.  These all deliver sheer size, vertical faces, and stunning experience that pictures simply cannot capture
Lysefjord - Top Vertical Fjords - The Norway Fjords  (Photo: Eric Bassman)
GlomfjordGrotfjord (Kvaloya)HyefjordInnfjordLavangenLyngenfjordLysefjordMefjord (Senja)NaeroyfjordUllsfjordSunndalsfjord
Glomfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Reinefjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Lavangen - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Lyngenfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Hyefjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Ullsfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Innfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Sunndalsfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Mefjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Naeroyfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
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Reine has been distinguised as the most scenic town in Norway.  The stunning vertical backdrop of Reinefjord (with vertical arms Vorfjord, Kjerkfjord, and Forsfjord) are unique in Norway.  The world-class vertical Lofoten scenery elicits a true South Pacific feel, yet North of the Arctic Circle
Glomfjord is especially impressive for the sheer length of its vertical walls, running one, after the other, after the other, for miles down the fjord.  The scenery on the drive from across the fjord is one of the most majestic drives in Norway.  The 7km Svartisen tunnel to Hollandsfjord speaks to the magnitude of the terrain.
Completely off the tourist path, Lavangen is one of the most inspiring vertcal fjord face in Norway.  The vertical wall itself is several miles long, runs straight into the fjord, and is easily visible across a narrow fjord.  One of the best back-road drives in Norway (between Narvik and Senja/Finnsnes).
On the East side of name-sake Lyngen Alps . . . Lyngenfjord has an unending array of majestic alpine, glacier-studded scenery.  Above aqua-marine waters, Lyngenfjord is impressive in all respects
Hyefjord is completely off any tourist path (or almost any path for that matter).  Stunning beauty up and down the length of the fjord.  The view out from the Hyen at the mouth of the fjord shows the fjord at its vertcal best.
On the West of the majestic Lyngen Alps, Ullsfjord has world-class alpine scenery (right at sea level).  The sheer magnitude speaks for itself.
Naeroyfjord is one of the most visited fjords in Norway.  Though over touristed, the hype is warranted, with a champion narrow and vertcal fjord.  From the Rimstigen hike above Becca, the vertical walls of Naeroyfjord come into clear view.
Innfjord is just a baeutiful fjords.  Nicely shaped, small, forested, with multiple valleys, Innfjord is a great stop on the way to the Trollstigen.  That the World Base Race holds an event here speak to the vertcality of the fjord
Sunndlasfjord is huge, both on the fjord itself and the valley behind (which hold Vinnufossen, the 6th tallest waterfall in the world). 
Mefjord is the most vertcial of the vertical array of fjords on Senja.  Mefjordbotn sits ensconsed by steep peaks on all sides.  The sheer walls straight into the fjord continue on the North wall down the entire length of Mefjord.  While very steep terrain behind the towns of Senjahopen and Mefjordvaer
Grotfjord sits along a rural side-road on the North of Kvaloya.  Despite being so close to Tromso, Grotfjord is a peacful oasis of a fjord.  Deep aqua-marine waters sourced from the numerous glacier perched on the vertical walls that ring the narrow fjord. Very peaceful and inspiring.
Lysefjord is beautifully long, narrow and sparsely developed.  The stunning off the charts views from Lysebotn, both at the top and bottom of the road into town, show the verticality of the fjords.  And of course, for sheer vertcal walls up close, the popular Pulpit Rock (Prestekolen) hike has the goods.  This photo is from the Kjerag hike out of Lysebotn, about 1 hour into the hike.
Grotfjord - Vertical Norway Fjords  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
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