Mountain Roads In The Norway Fjords
Getting from here-to-there in Norway is like nowhere else in the world.  Over, under, though, or around . . .  the road-builder have conquered every obstacle.  The truly breath-taking mountain roads in the Norway fjords deliver some of the premiere driving experience in Norway, and the world.  Stunning scenery appears at every turn.
Aurlandvegen - Road from Laerdalfjord to AurlandfjordAursjovegen - View to Eikesdal - Road from Sunndalsfjord to EresfjordGamle Strynefellsvegen (Stryn Lookout) (Road from Geirangerfjord to Fareidfjord)Road to Lysebotn - LysefjordThe Panorama Road - Nordfjord, Innvikfjord, Utfjord, FareidfjordTrollstigen - Road from Isfjord to NorddalsfjordRoad to Vik (Summit)  - SognefjordRoad to Vik (Vik) - SognefjordLitdalen Valley (Sunndalsora) - AursjovegenTrollstigen - View back towards Andalsnes
Gamle Strynefellsvegen
Road to Lysebotn
The Panorama Road
Road to VIk
Aurlandvegen (Road from Laerdafjord to Aurlandfjord)  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Aursjovegen (View to Eikesdal - Road from Sunndalsfjord to Eresfjord)  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Gamle Strynefellsvegen (Road from Geirandgerfjord to Fareidfjord)  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Road to Lysebotn (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Road to Vik - Sognefjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
The Panorama Road - Nordfjord)(Innvikfjord, Fareidfjord, Utfjord)  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Trollstigen (Road from Isfjord to Norddalsfjord)  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
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From Sunndalsora to Eiksdalvatnet/Mardlasfossen . . . Aursjovegen is a premier back-road summit drive.  The fjord valleys of Litdalen (behind Sunndalsfjord) and Finnset (shown here) are simply stunning.  Some fo the best viewpoints in Norway.  The long summit area is a great representation of high-alpine, lake studded, stark environment.  Aursjovegen is a must-drive.
Geiranger to Stryn . . . Gamle Strynefellsvegen sits amongst some of the premier country in The Northern Fjords, with the phenomenal Geiranger fjords to the North, and the inspiring Jostalbreen glaciers and aqua-marine lakes to the East.  Viewpoint on the road down to Stryn (shown here) is excellent.
Inland Norway to Lysefjord . . . The road to Lysebotn is a breath-taking start to the Norway fjord country.  The road itself has a stark, moonscape like long summit area.  The descent into Lysebotn, however, is the surreal part.  Marked by over 20 hairpin turns, the road is an engineering marvel.
Voss/Vinja to Vik . . . The road to Vik is a nice mountain road with two main highlights.  Climbing the wall up to the summit is pure back-and-foth zig-zagging at its best . . . with an excellent view back over the valley from the top.  Towards the end of the road, great vistas down into Vik and the surrounding valleys (shown here).
Along Nordfjord . . . Running from Fariedfjord, past Innvikfjord, to Utfjord and Nordfjord, The Panorama Road is a special experience.  Running so high along the fjord sides, great vistas really do exist around every corner
Andalsnes to Valldal to Geiranger . . . The Troll's Road (Trollstigen) is an engineering gem.  The premiere part of the drive is at the very beginning out of Andalsnes up to the summit.  Zig-zags up the wall and around the Stigfossen waterfall is a unique experience.  Though somewhat over-touristed at times, this is still not to be missed.
From Laerdal to Aurland . . . Aurlandsvegen is unparalleled.  Sitting atop the world's longest road tunnel (Laerdal Tunnel), it is no wonder that the scenery is so steep and magical.
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