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Hiking opportunities are extensive just about everywhere in Norway.   Norway day hikes only are presented here . . . for more challenging adventures, please contact the local tourist office.

List of Top Hikes in The Norway Fjords:

Western Fjord Hikes
Sengjaberget (Skjolden)         Nosi (Lofthus)        Presti (Aurland)         
Rimstigen (Naeroyfjord)

Coastal Fjord Hikes
Svartisen Glacier (Meloy)        Torghatten (Bronnoysund)

Southwestern Fjord Hikes
Kjerag (Lysebotn)          Pulpit Rock (Lysefjord)            Fonnabu (Foglefonna)

Arctic Fjord Hikes
Matinden (Bleik)            Queen's Route (Nyksund)       Olderfjord (Lofoten)
Vinstad-to Bunes (Reine)       Agvatnet  (A i Lofoten)              Grunnforfjord  (Lofoten) 
Tromsdalen (Tromso)            Rombakstotta (Narvik)             Furuflatta (Lyngenfjord)      

Northern Fjord Hikes
Hjorundfjord (Saebo)               Trodalen (Surnadal)                Mardalsfossen (Eikesdalvatnet)
Innerdalen              Mordalfossen  (Tafjord)          Amotan  (Sunndalsora) 

Notes on hiking in the Norway Fjords:

Sengjaberget Hike - Skjolden - Lustrafjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Rimstigen Hike - Gudvagen - Naeroyfjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Presti Hike - Aurland - Aurlandfjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Pulpit Rock Hike (Prestekolen) - Lysefjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Vinstad to Bunes Hike - Reinefjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Hike - Saebo - Hjorundfjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Hovden Lookout, Nosi  Hike - Lofthus/Ullensvang - Storfjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Tromsodalen Hike - Tromso  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Rombakstotta/Tottadalen Hike Hike Above Narvik  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Oldervika Hike Facing Jiehkkevarri  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Furuflatta Hike - Lyngenfjord   (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Matinden Hike - Bleik - Andoy  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Grunnforfjord Hike - Lofoten  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Svartisen Glacier Hike - Hollandsfjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Torghatten Hike  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Innerdalen Hike   (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Trodalen Hike - Near Surnadal  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Queen's Route Hike - Nyksund   (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Sengjaberget Hike  * TOP PICK

Location:  Lustrafjord - Skjolden - Sognefjord Hiking   (Map)

Description:  Starting directly from the center on Skjolden, the reason for this mostly easy hike is the special lookout over the Lustrafjord.  It is a quick 30 minutes to the main overlook . . . though better views are afforded to those who can scramble further up the mountain to some higher up spots (be careful if you venture off-trial).  One of the best Sognefjord hikes.
Mardalsfossen Hike  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Mordalfossen Hike - Tafjord  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Fonnabu Hike - Foglefonna National park  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)
Rimstigen Hike 

Location:  Naeroyfjord - Gudvagen - Sognefjord Hikes

Description:  Great Naeroyfjord hike!  Head about 5km from Gudvagen up along the Western edge of the fjord.  The trailhead is marked just after the small village of Bakka.  The Rimstigen trail is a steep hike up the fjord side.  It continues up for approximately 2 hours to the top of the fjord cliffs (very strenuous).  Much closer in to the start, about 30 minutes, some fantastic vistas of the Naeroyfjord come into view.  So you can go as far as you like, and it will pay off.
Presti Hike      * TOP PICK

Location:  On the Aurlandvegen - Aurland - Aurlandfjord - Sognefjord Hiking

Description:  Take the Aurlandvegen mountain road a little further uphill from the main overlook complex.  The full Presti hike itself is a steep uphill, though this is a mostly open area with several easier paths out to various outlooks over Aurlandfjord, and back toward Flam.  Absolutely spectacular views.
Nosi Hike        * TOP PICK

Location:  Storfjord - Lofthus/Ullensvang - Hardanger Hiking

Description:  Above Lofthus & Ullensvang on the scenci Storfjord, the Nosi hike is a mostly forested 1-2 hour uphill walk through the forest and a pretty meadow . . . to two main highlights.  The spur to the Hovden lookout is a must-do, and one of the best viewpoints in the Western Fjords.  The fruit orchards add a unique touch to the normal Norway fjord views.  Further along is a viewpoint to the main waterfall behinf Lofthus.  Overall, great Hardangerfjord area hiking.
Svartisen Glacier Hike         * TOP PICK

Location:  Hollandsfjord - Meloy Hiking   (Map)

Description:  The Svartisen Glacier is a primary stop on the mainstream Coastal Route tours route . . . but the hike is still absolutely worth it.  Most importantly, try to go when the sun will be out, as the glacier illuminates in much more interesting ways with the sun.  Also, on top of above, try to go later in the day.  The lower sun will make for better lighting effects & the crowds will be much smaller.  FInally, rent the bicycle!  The 3km walk each way to the fjord and back is uninteresting.  Rent a bike so that you can spend as much time as possible up with the glacier itself.  The final route up to the glacier is exposed rock, and will be slippery if wet.  But getting right up next to glacier is a must.
Torghatten Hike     

Location:  Torgfjord - Bronnoysund

Description:  A famous hike on The Coastal Route, the Torghatten hike is a moderate hike, interesting of course for the hole in the mountain.  Go up, though, and back around the bottom of the mountain.  This will avoid crowds for the whole walk except the very start up to the hole.
Pulpit Rock Hike (Prestekolen)     

Location:  Lysefjord - Ryfylke & Stavanger Hiking

Description:  Pulpit Rock's viewpoint is one of the famous spots in the Norway Fjords.  It is a stunning viewpoint!!  Absolutely worth the trip.

Now the downside.  The hike to Pulit Rock is a strenuous, rocky, 2-hour uphill scramble.  It is not an "easy" walk.  The first 3/4 of the hike are relatively uninteresting.  Due to the popularity of the hike, it is very crowded . . . and many hikers are probably above their fitness level.  So hike up to Pulpit Rock's views of Lysefjord, just know what you are in for.
Fonnabu Hike     

Location:  Maurangefjord - Sunndal - Foglefonna National Park

Description:  Out from Odda, an 11km tunnel heads into the head of Maurangefjord.  Take offshot at Sunndal to Fogelfonna National Park and park at the end of this offshot.  Follow the mostly flat Fonnabu path into the valley towards the glacier.  You enter a wondefuly empty mountain valley, with a rushing glacial river right at hand, and giant glacier-strewn boulders all about.  With the mad rush at many other glacial valleys . . . having this one virtually to yourself is a pleasant change.  Fonnabu is very peaceful and tranquil.
Matinden Hike                * TOP PICK

Location:  Bleik - Andoy - Vesteralen Hiking   (Map)

Description:  A unique experience and a top pick! One of the most interesting viewpoints anywhere.  A true South Pacific feel.  Vesteralen hiking at its best.

Go to the south end of town, then take smallest road along the water all the way to the end (plenty of parking).  Follow the marked path uphill for about an hour.  On the way up, don't miss the great views back over Bleik and the craggy range around town.  At the marked trail summit, it is mostly open . . . go right (North) to the next set of summits over for the best viewing down into the bay
Kjerag Hike              * TOP PICK

Location:  Lysefjord - Lysebotn - Ryfylke & Stavanger Hiking

Description:  Above Lysebotn, the Kjerag hike is a strenuous 2.5 hours route each way.  Among the views are a stunning look down to Lysebotn, great falls, and the famous boulder stuck between the cliffs.  Best Lysefjord hike.

Note that this hike should not be done when low clouds/fog or when wet.  The views are the reason for the hike, so low clouds would in essence ruin the experience.  Also the route up is via fixed chains on a steep rock outcrop.  This is miserably slippery when wet.  But if dry and clear, the Kjerag hike is a fantastic and well-earned hike.
Queen's Route Hike                       * TOP PICK

Location:  Nyksund / Sto - Vesteralen Hiking

Description:  The Vesteralen coast in full glory here.  The full Queen's Route hike is a serious 15km.  So decide from the start whether to do the full path, or just some coastal exploring around Nyksund.  Note the open ocen-cliffs . . . so be prepared for windy/wet conditions at any point.  If doing the full route, do  the inland steep part going out, then take the coastal route coming back.  This view is hiking immediately around Nyksund.

Vinstad-to-Bunes Hike                           

Location:  Vinstad - Reinefjord - Ferry from Reine - Lofoten Hiking   (Map)

Description:  The most popular route on the Reinefjord ferry.  Drop of at Vinstad.  Take the one-hour walk through Vinstad, up and over the ridge, and down to Bunes beach.  This is a beautiful, large beach, with cliffs on both sides.  A great entry to hikes in Lofoten
Olderfjord Hike                   

Location:  Olderfjord - Lofoten Hiking

Description:  If you want a quiet, tranquil, pristine fjord to yourself . . . Olderfjord is it. It is a very quick offshot at Olderford North spur, off the E10.  E10 crosses at the mouth of the fjord, and basically nobody heads in.  Take Olderfjord North until the end of this road.  Plenty of parking.  There is an easy-to-follow flat hike along the fjord valley as far as you want to go.  Pure solitude.  No noise.  No traffic.  Totally pristine.  Great Lofoten hike.

Agvatnet Hike                   

Location:  A i Lofoten - Lofoten Hiking   (Map)

Description: An especially good option if windy on island.  Just before the tunnel into the final parking in A i Lofoten, head to the North into the Agvatnet lake valley.  In the morning, this is a nice mirrored lake.  Hike as far as you want along the lakeside. 
Grunnforfjord Hike                  

Location:  Grunnforfjord - Lofoten Hiking

Description:  Grunnforfjord has an absolutely beautiful and mountainous fjord head.  The fjord  interstingly is bisected mid-fjord by a road bridge.  In order to experience the true grandeur of this fjord, it is imperative to take the hike, an easy 30 minutes along the side of the fjord, into the head and the lake valley behind.  Fantastic Lofoten hike!
Tromsdalen Hike                  

Location:  Tromso hiking

Description:  From the top of the Fjellheisen cable car (or walk it from the bottom if motivated) . . . a nice hike along the ridge with view back to the Kvaloya range.  There are several intermediate summits along the ridge, or you can continue all the way to the main summit (which is strenuous even if you start by taking hte cable car).  Overall, great views of the surrounding region, and lots of option for how far to go.  Just one of many fabulous Tromso hikes.
Furuflatta Hike                  

Location:  Furuflatta - Lyngen Alps Hiking

Description:  On the Lyngenfjord, south of Lyngseidet, Furuflatta has an exceleent glacial-valley hike.  Start at the football pitch in Furuflatten.  A very well marked trail leads several km up the valley.  Take the path to a great alpine lookout over a threaded river valley up to several glaciers.  Furuflatta, despite being at sea-level, feels extremely 'alpine'.

Oldervika Hike                  

Location:  Oldervika - Tromso Hiking

Description: Get the money shot of the Lyngen Alps.   This is an excellent, easy evening hike to see the Lyngen Alps lit up beautifully with an evening glow.  Take the hike south of Oldervik.  Drive East out of Tromso, past Skittenelv, to Oldervik.  The hike starts about 1km South from town.  Park at the clearly marked parking turnoff just before the closed gate.

Note - the masthead photo for theNorwayFjords.com was taken from the Oldervika hike, at approximately 8pm, in mid-July.
Rombakstotta/Tottadalen Hike                 

Location:  Narvik Hiking    (Map)

Description:  Start at the viewpoint at the powerstation behind town.  The well-marked trail has an excellent view back over Herjangsfjord through most of the hike up to Rombakstotta.  This is a solid uphill hike above Narvik.  There are several destinations, th emost obvious being the hut in the pretty valley at the foot of the summit.  Allow 3 hours.
Hjorundfjord Hike                 

Location:  Saebo - Hjorundfjord - Alesund & Sunnmore Group

Description:  Saebo has several walks right out of town, all with varying dificulty.  A nice one leads up into the mountain just behind the ferry terminal.  A graded uphill takes you to various viewpoints over Hjorundfjord, not far from town.  Continue into the forest and up to higher viewpoint if motivated.
Trodalen Hike                 

Location: Hamnesfjord - Flessen - Surnadal    (Map)

Description:  Just past Surnadal, at Hamnesfjord drive 8km out (on North fjord branch) to Flessen.  Marked parking at the end of the road.  The Trodalen hike is an well marked path (blue markers) up and into the forest.  Trodalen is a great fjord-side trail, that steadily ascends into the woods, then hits an abandoned farmhouse and meadow with a fantastic views over the surrounding fjords.  From here you can continue on in lots of directions . . . up to the top of the mountain, through to Asskardfjorden, or back.  Very off the beaten track for Northern Fjords hiking.  Allow 2 hours.

Mardalsfossen Hike                 

Location: Eikesdalvatnet - Huiking On the Aursjovegen     (Map)

Description:  Rated in the Top 5 watefalls in the world . . . Mardalsfossen is a stunning sight.  Though good views exist from the parking lot, take the 45-minute walk into the valley and up to the base of falls.  While you will not be alone here, there experience of the falls up close is easily worth it.
Innerdalen Hike                 

Location: Innerdalen - Sunndalsora Area    (Map)

Description:  The Innerdalen offshoot from Hwy 70 leads to one of the nicest mountain valleys in the Northern Fjords.  Park at road end, ample parking.  Walk up and overthe ridge, at a minium to the lake viewpoint.  About an hour there and back.  Of course there is a lot more to see do and climb for the motivated.  This one certainly is on the beaten track . . . but still worth it.
Mordalfossen Hike                 

Location: Tafjord - Geiranger Hiking

Description:  Just before the town of Tafjord is Mordalfossen.  Walk 45-minutes up the moderately steep, well marked trail to the head of the falls.  This hike provides a good workout plus some awesome views back down on the fjord.  The deep aqua-marine color of the fjord truly comes into view as you get some elevation above the fjord.
Amotan Hike                 

Location: Amotan Park - Behind Sunndalsora   (Map)

Description:  Hwy 70 from Oppdal into Sunndalsora is phenomenal…pure watefall country.  Take the offshot at Gjora to Amotan Park.  There is great waterfall viewing across a beauftul valley, with active farms way up on the gorge-side.  Plenty of well-marked hikes across Amotan, with multiple trail lengths.  Two of the three main falls are on a short loop.  The third, probably most scenic, is a more of a full hike several km into the valley and back.  Overall, well worth it!!
Amotan Hike - Behind Sunndalsora  (Photo Credit: Eric Bassman)

  • Arctic Norway hiking trails in particular are rough.  What constitutes a “trail” is really no more that a path that others have used.  These can be extremely hard to follow, and extremely boggy, soft and wet
  • GET LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.  Note that detailed trail notes are not provided here.  It is important that hikers get local knowledge at the time of hiking to get the latest on trail conditions, weather, etc.   Hiking in Norway requires current local knowledge before one proceeds

  • Bring all recommended safety gear (go to your local outdoors store, and just get everything). 

  • Tell someone your plans; be careful and be safe.  Norway hiking is serious

  • Many Norway hikes are extremely vertical . . .know what you are getting into before you start

  • Bring warm/waterproof clothing at all times

  • Hiking poles will help to cross streams and boggy area . . . and for balance on steep areas

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